You say you’re in a bad place
You say you’re depressed
You say you need to be alone
You say you’re sorry for treating me bad
You say you’re getting help
I believe you
I trust you
I still love you
You say you don’t wanna talk to anyone
Then why is another girl you talk to
I should be the one you come to
I’m you’re girlfriend
Your love
Why am I not good enough
I want you to realize what I’m worth
I want you to love me again
I want you to come to me
I hope you do
I hope you realize my love for you
I hope you love me again
I hope you come to me
I know this girl isn’t as good as me
I know she will never love you as much as I do


you make me happy
i make you happy
you love me
i love you
you need help
i want to help
you don’t want it
fix yourself
come back
love me again
i miss you

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